Different mediums.
New opportunities.

I’m a director, artist, designer and lover of big ideas.

Ranging from concept, video, VFX, motion graphics and animation – I’m deeply invested in emerging and evolving tools such as virtual production, AR and interactive experiences that push art in new and exciting ways.

Through my years of professional creative experience, direct communication with clients, presentation decks and project management I have the skills to dive into and oversee a variety of projects.

video + animation

Moving images move people.

Whether it's an edited on-set production or the illusion of animation, movement possesses its own language that people understand on a primal level across cultuers and languages.

I've had the pleasure to collaborate with teams and go solo to produce stunning, attention-grabbing work.

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Design is the visual equivalent of a first impression: it sets mood, expectations and a relationship with an audience.

I work in a variety of different formats but I'm usually game to figure out something new when a project calls for it. Go on, take a gander at some of my wares.

Virtual production

Virtual Production represents the next great technological leap in video production and is quickly emerging as the new standard in professional projects.

With the use of either traditional green screen or LED volumes and powered by Epic's Unreal Engine to produce realistic real-time environments, high-quality productions are more achievable than ever before.

augmented reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is offering new ways to engage with fans, customers or just regular old strangers.

They go beyond a canned video, deliver unique experiences per use and encourage organic sharing.

The most-popular APIs are Meta's Spark AR, Snap's Lens AR and can harness the Apple's increasingly sophisticated AR Kit and Google's AR Core within web apps.

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web animation

People want things to be cool, useful and most importantly, easy. And sometimes an embedded video to your site just ends up going ignored. That's where native web animations (JSON) come in. This format permits beautiful animations to run smoothly and natively in your webpage so you can communicate what you want without taking up valuable bandwidth. The best part is, you can structure them to be triggered automatically or be interactive.

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